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Experienced Certified Family Law Specialists Certified by the California State Bar Board of Legal Specialization.

With family legal issues often come financial complications. Your ex-spouse might not want to honor your equalization payment, or the other parent might not be paying the child support and/or spousal support ordered by the court. Rest assured that the law is in place to address these issues, and an experienced lawyer can help you collect what is due to you.

E-Enforce-CA supports spouses and parents who seek to recover financial support they are due in a court order or judgement. For instance, if you have not received the child support or spousal support payments you are due, the firm can help you take the appropriate actions for enforcement. The attorneys have 66 years of collective experience, and they can explore a myriad of legal options to remedy your situation. They will assess your unique situation and help you decide whether you should pursue an action for wage garnishment, real estate sale or personal property sale, for example, to obtain those funds you are due.

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