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Certified, Family Law Specialists to Protect Your Right to Child Support

Are you owed child support money that you are not receiving? Is the other parent behind on payments or withholding payments? The experienced attorneys at e-enforce-ca have been handling child support cases for decades, and they are especially adept at helping parents recover the support they are due. The firm will assess your and your child’s situation to determine the most appropriate remedy to resolve your child support dispute. 

There is an endless amount of solutions e-enforce-ca can pursue for you, but some common examples of obtaining the child support you’re owed are:

  • Wage garnishment
  • Sale of real estate
  • Assignment of royalties or residuals
  • Assignment orders
  • Appointment of a receiver
  • Charging orders against partnerships

e-enforce-ca is led by a team of certified family law specialists who each have 66 years of collective experience providing child support services. Let a strategic and experienced lawyer help you resolve your Beverly Hills case today.

Calculating Child Support

Both parents are responsible for providing for the financial needs of their child, either through caring for their day-to-day needs (as a custodial parent) or by providing financial support (as a noncustodial parent). Child support payments are usually made until the child turn 18 years old or 19 if they are still in high school full time and cannot support themselves.

Either parent can ask the judge to make a child support order as part of a divorce case, domestic violence order, or a paternity petition. Child support can also be ordered as part of a case filed by a local child support agency (LCSA) if applicable.

California has a statewide formula (“guideline”) for calculating child support, which depends on:

  • how much money the parents earn or can earn;
  • how much other income each parent receives;
  • how many children these parents have together;
  • how much time each parent spends with their children (time-share);
  • the tax filing status of each parent;
  • whether the parents support children from other relationships;
  • health insurance expenses;
  • mandatory union dues;
  • mandatory retirement contributions;
  • the cost of sharing daycare and uninsured healthcare costs; and
  • other relevant factors.

Note that earned and other income mentioned above is based on a parent’s “net disposable income,” which is a parent’s income (including bonuses, commissions, overtime pay, other supplemental or non-wage incomes if they are regular) after state and federal taxes and other required deductions. However, the court cannot consider income from CalWORKS, general assistance/relief, or supplemental security income.

Regarding the point about time-share, the court will compare the amount of time that each parent has primary physical responsibility for the child to determine the appropriate support amount. Generally, the more time-share a parent has the less child support they will be expected to pay.

The child support order may also require the parents to share the costs for certain things like:

  • childcare to allow the parent to work or to get training or schooling for work skills;
  • reasonable healthcare expenses;
  • traveling for visitation from one parent to the other;
  • educational and other special needs.

An experienced attorney can help you estimate the amount of child support you are due by plugging in the appropriate information in this guideline calculator.

Is the Other Parent Behind on Payments?

If a parent falls behind on child support payments, they will have to pay interest on the balance due in addition to the amount they owe. Interest charges are added by law, and they will be 10% per year for child support that was due on or after January 1, 1983.

Don’t overwhelm yourself with anxiety about whether you will be receiving the child support you are due. The law has consequences in place for the other parent who breaches their duties, and you can trust that e-enforce-ca is here to help you assert your rights to child support. If the other parent owes you child support, e-enforce-ca can explore all the remedies available in their toolbox of solutions, which might include:

  • Wage garnishment
  • Sale of real estate
  • Assignment of royalties or residuals
  • Charging orders against partnerships

Let a team of certified family law specialists informed by 66years of professional experience help protect and assert your rights to child support. The firm has your and your child’s best interests in mind and will do their best to ensure you receive the child support you are owed.

Schedule a free consultation with e-enforce-ca online for more information.

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