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Property and asset division is one of many complex divorce disputes that couples must resolve. Especially if you and/or your spouse have significant high-value assets, negotiations might drag on as tensions rise. e-enforce-ca is led by a team of attorneys who have each been practicing law for 66 years collectively. As a result, you can trust that they have the experience, skill, and professional instinct to help you build a strong case in the protection of your property interests and to obtain a favorable outcome. The firm can also help you deal with matters related to property division and debt.

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How e-enforce-ca Can Help

Financial matters can be confusing to resolve in a legal setting. That’s where e-enforce-ca comes in. The lawyers at the firm have 66 years of experience handling the enforcement of judgments and orders, including those for property division and debt. The firm is not affiliated with a collection agency, but they can help you take legal action for money or assets you are due. For instance, if you are owed money for a property division order and the debtor has income or property in California, the firm can help you resolve the situation even if the debtor does not live in California.

e-enforce-ca will assess your unique situation and explore their toolbox of collection remedies appropriate for your circumstances. Some common ways they can help you resolve your asset and debt division cases include:

  • Wage garnishment
  • Sale of real estate
  • Assignment of royalties or residuals
  • Charging orders against partnerships

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